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Google Podcast-PRX Creator Programme 2022 Inductee, Nominated for Best Podcast at the Asia Podcast Awards 2021 & Asia TV Forum & Market 2021

At first glance, Datuk H, the CEO of a public listed company seemed to be loved by all. But one day, he is discovered dead in the basement of his own mansion, his body surrounded by occult symbols. 

Inspector Murugan and PI Hisham Sabtu take us on an 8 episode roller coaster ride interviewing the suspects;  Laila (the sister), Dr Nicholas (the colleague), Azman (the PA), Melody (the sugarbaby) and Devan (the activist). All of these suspects were the last people the Datuk saw on the day he died. 

So who killed him? 

Listen, share, subscribe and stay tuned to this riveting series!

Writer: Terence Toh
Director: Abimanyu M
Actors: Swathi Sivadas, Charles Roberts, Mawar Roseka, Adli Shinichi Kun, Jolin Kwok, Mayilai Kumaran, Jeremy Chiew
Sound Design: Kael
Cover Art: Keith Arul

Music credit: The White Cube by Jaff Seijas
Contributors: Sumithra Durai, Lam Ghooi Ket, JJ Kwan, Anisa Ibrahim



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